EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-0EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-1EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-2EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-4EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-5EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-6EsiCam-World-First-HD-Portable-Wireless-iPhone-Rear-View-Camera-for-RV-Trailer-Truck-SUV-Rear-View-Backing-Up-Creative-All-In-One-Camera-with-Flash-Light-0-7RV1RV22DB98D0F@0B87D31(05-14-09-22-35)install-_2App-Allcamping-2车摄像头_10车摄像头_16main-3Pad view 100 degreeEH05 structure

EsiCam World First HD Portable Wireless iPhone Rear View Camera for RV Trailer Truck SUV Rear View & Backing Up Creative All In One Camera with Flash Light

$199.00 (as of 2018-06-04, 05:14)

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Product Description

Our Camera Allows RVers With  Trailers to:

See what’s in the back of your  trailer when driving and backing.

Easy plug & play, do-it-yourself installation with magnetic base with mounting hole and built-in battery.

Use your iPhone /iPad or Android phone/Pad  as a rear view mirror.

Continue to receive calls and textual content messages while in camera mode.

Magnetic base, simple install on any metal base without or with screw.

Reverse & Flip  video option on App of  Smartphone

Multi purpose,easily hook to your wi-fi router at home for home safety thru Internet just as IP camera.

Battery powered, working time 7.5 hours after charging

Can work while charging ,with 5V DC out power charging cable.

HD Video resolution: 1280×720 , 1.0 Mega Pixel . view angle: 100 degree.

Creative built in  White LED for Flash/Torch function , button control for darkness .

Takes snapshots or video recordings on smart phone or built in SD card.

Nightvision 30ft  in darkness (black & white)

Color video  for day & night time.

Can hear voice from camera at the smart phone

Outdoor and Indoor multi purpose

working temp” -10–50C. magnetic base strength: 8kg vertical.

Frame rate: 25V@VGA, 15fps @ 720P

Package included:

AC 110-230 v power adapter for charging with USB x 1,

USB charging cable for the cigarette lighter charger  x 1

Camera  x 1

User Manual x1

Extension Power cable for external DC 5V power supply from Car/RV/Trailer

Only All-in-one portable Wifi rear view camera/ back up camera for iPhone in the market.Takes snapshots or video recordings.Battery powered, working time 7.5 hours after charging
Can view video on iPhone directly without router. No extra expenses on data communication.Night vision allowing to see 50ft under total darkness
Color video image. High definition Video resolution: 1280×720 (HD), 1.0 Mega Pixtel. Reverse / normal video and Flip/Normal video function switchable by iPhone for back up view.
Outdoor and Indoor multi-purpose. Can connect to wireless router as a IP camera for Home security.Can work while charging ,with 5V DC out power charging cable.
Continue to receive calls and text messages while in camera mode. More phone user can view same camera live video at same time. Can view more camera live video on one phone.Creative built in White LED as flash/torch with contol key for darkness

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