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EsiCam with RV travel trip- Posted by Forest River Forun–RV Club in Canada

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2016 Sunseeker 2650 a few weeks ago from a Canadream (Rental agency). Had about 60000 Km on it. The inside was cleaned well, came with new tires and all the carpentry was in excellent shape.The whole unit came with insulated black out blinds which are way better than the cheap pleated ones out Travel Trailer Came with.Took our new toy out to a mountain campground for a field test. Got down to 2 Degrees C at night but the furnace did just fine. Insulation was better than I was expecting (even though it was advertised as a 4 season motor-home).Driving and parking was a dream compared to our travel trailer. I purchased a ESICAM which is a wireless rear-view camera with a magnetic base that works off your smart phone. I just used elastics and attached my smart phone to the rear view mirror and used it while driving and reversing.

The amount of exterior storage and the usability of that storage was impressive. We have a 6 month old and strollers take up a ton of room.

Didn’t get to try any water systems as it had been winterized by the dealer.

Overall I was impressed by the unit and FR in general considering it is an entry level MH.

The camera has a magnetic base that is strong enough to use while driving. Also has way less lag than most wireless cameras. No install, no wires, charged through USB.See the amazon link below…9222769&sr=1-1
I just put it on the metal bumper. The camera has a very wide view. I know it is not as ideal as having the camera higher up but worked just fine for us.Plus you also have the benefit of being able to move the camera as needed. We use it to monitor the baby, or as a motion activated security cam.
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